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Pets are not just animals you adopt in your home. They are considered as family,

Tremendous Benefits of Puppy Preschool

You have planned to bring home a puppy and you are much excited about it! Sure, bringing a cute little dog to home and watch her/him growing, feed her/him, enjoy her/his funny gestures and love – everything is so amusing that you can’t help being overjoyed. But, do you know that this cute puppy can become troublesome once grown into an adult dog, if not properly trained?

Chihuahua puppy

You cannot assure of dogs’ temperament because after all they are beasts, no matter how much you love them and consider them as your family members. It’s not their fault; Nature has made them that way. Not all puppies grow into bad dogs, but you may want to be 100% sure. For this very purpose, the concept of puppy preschool has come into existence.

Role of a Puppy Preschool

A puppy school can turn your puppy into a dog who you will feel proud of. They make her/him a well-socialized and adorable member of your family and also, they can teach you how to raise a puppy, what to do for her/his health and happiness, and more.

Puppies are the most sensitive to learning and socialization up to the age of about 4 to 17 weeks because their brain is pliable during this time. Taking this into consideration, puppy preschools are designed for puppies of 8 to 17 weeks of age. To get admittance for your puppy in such a preschool, all you have to do is to complete her/his first vaccination.

What if the Puppy is Not Admitted to a Preschool?

Research shows that puppies that have not been exposed to other puppies (dogs) and people, during their important learning age, may develop either fearful or aggressive or both types of responses while making new acquaintances when they grow up. If you fail to send her/him to preschool, it may become an uphill task for you to train and socialize your dog with animals and people unfamiliar to her/him.

Puppy training

Benefits of Puppy Preschool

  • You learn to identify the difference between the behaviors when the puppy is normal and when it is disturbed
  • You get general healthcare advice for your pup
  • You get information on diet and exercise
  • You learn strategies for the enrichment of environment
  • Your dog learns to socialize and interact with other dogs and people
  • Toilet training tips for your puppy
  • You learn to read the body language of your puppy
  • Advice about how children should interact with a puppy
  • Problems are solved like barking, mouthing and jumping up

Socialization – One of the Biggest Benefits of Puppy Preschool

Due to socialization, your puppy becomes confident and manageable when s/he grows up, so this is one of the biggest benefits for her/him as s/he enjoys life and is relaxed. Because your puppy is exposed to unknown dogs and people, but in a safe and assuring environment, s/he becomes able to communicate with them, learns their body language and more.

Choose the Right Puppy Class

Choosing a right class for your puppy is very important in order to get her/him a trainer using positive reinforcement training methods, i.e. rewarding the pup for desirable behaviors and ignoring undesirable behaviors. You can look for puppy school in North Shore Sydney or anywhere in Australia if you want to ensure that your dog should grow into a well-mannered, praiseworthy dog!

Using negative reinforcement methods like check chains, prong collars, barking collars, rubbing your pup’s nose in its urine or feces are all inhuman, and there is really no need to do all this. If you see such methods being used, you not only should avoid admitting your pup to such a class, but you should oppose them.

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