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Pets are not just animals you adopt in your home. They are considered as family,

Seven Ways In Which Dogs Improve You Physical and Mental Well Being

For thousands of years, these amazing creatures have not only been man’s best friend and most loyal companion, they have also learned to adapt to the variety of tasks for which they are bred and need to got to the vets. However, were you aware that they also offer many outstanding health benefits as well as forms of happiness?

Dog Playing Ball - Seven Ways In Which Dogs Improve You Physical and Mental Well Being

If you won a furry companion, you are probably already aware of the many benefits to your health and general well-being that your dog provides. For those who, for whatever reasons are not able to own a dog, borrowing friends is a great idea. Perhaps you can become a dog-walker or a doggie-sitter as a way to benefit from the many benefits these lovable creatures have to offer.

1. They Offer the Perfect Form of Companionship

For a dog, his owner is his entire life. If it was up to them, every moment would be spent with their companion. Most people who are parents to a pet speak to them, they make excellent company especially to those who live alone. If a home does not have a dog, it tends to be very quiet. If however, you do choose to invite a dog into your life, make sure that their need for companionship is respected. If you can be around, your dog should not be left alone for more than four hours at a time.

2. They Provide Assistance for the Aged, Disabled and Sick and Help To Heal

The quality of life for many individuals would be greatly reduced if it weren’t for the help of these loyal dogs. On top of assisting with physical jobs, service dogs like those offered in pets as therapy also offer therapeutic visits to comfort individuals in care homes, hospitals and special need schools. It is a part of dogs being to want to connect with us and understand what we as humans need.

3. They Help To Maintain Health

A dog needs daily exercise and playtime, it is part of their requirements to maintain physical and mental health. By making sure that you meet your dog’s needs, you will also help yourself by burning off excess calories, this is also a great way to connect with your dog and nature as you stroll along. The hormone which is called serotonin and helps us feel good is produced by stroking a dog, this helps to lower the blood pressure and reduce stress. It has actually been clinically proven that those who own a dog, are not as likely to suffer from depression as those who do not.

4. Dogs Make People More Sociable

When you have a dog, you cannot avoid engaging others. For the most part, people are naturally drawn to these furry creatures even if they themselves do not own a dog. I am sure that every time you walk even around the block, at least one person will stop and greet your dog. Dogs are excellent in helping people meet each other, this is especially helpful for those who are a bit shy and have a difficult time engaging and communicating with others.

5. They Accept and Love You, Just As You Are

A dog’s love is one hundred percent unconditional. You will never be judged by a dog based on looks or income. They love you, not what you have to offer. Their devotion id provided fully, they are always there for you as a true friend should be.

6. They Help Us Fulfil Our Need To Nurture

For the most part, we are born with a need to nurture. We have been provided with innate parental instincts. Loving and taking care of a dog helps us feel as if we have a purpose, we desire to love and protect our furry bundles of love.

7. You Cannot Help But Smile and Laugh

It is common knowledge that a smile and the sound of laughter can lighten a heavy load. It is impossible to look at your dog or dogs and not smile. From their adorable faces, their playful attitudes and the way they love unconditionally, there is not a pet owner who would smile when around them. I can almost guarantee that as you are out with your dog, and others pass you, they smile right at your furry companion. This super beneficial gift that dogs have is undeniable.

An assistance dog is trained to take on tasks that those of us who are well may take for granted, these tasks can be quite difficult for those struggling with a disability. These are just seven of the many ways in which dogs provide benefits for your health and happiness. If you are lucky enough to have a furry companion in your life never forget to repay them for all they provide, make sure they have a home that is loving, healthy, happy and loyalty that matched the loyalty they provide to you.

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