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Pets are not just animals you adopt in your home. They are considered as family,

Jellyfish the Modern Pet

Gone are the days of the your only pet options being a dog or a cat, or occasionally a bunny. Nowadays you can find hundreds of unusual and exotic animals being taken in by families looking for a more atypical pet. Some examples of pets that are becoming more popular now, which were unheard of years ago are the chinchilla, the sugar glider, the hedgehog and pot bellied pig. But there’s one aquatic pet which recently has become very popular, largely due to innovations in aquariums. This is the jellyfish.


Jellyfish are soft-bellied aquatic animals with gelatinous bell-shaped bodies, sometimes with hanging tentacles, which are found in all of the oceans on the planet; from the surface to the depths of the ocean. These mesmerizing sea creatures are not only extremely unique, but extremely stunning and often even hypnotic to watch, as they drift through the water, sometimes their translucent bodies glowing and even lighting up.

While more than 2000 species of jellyfish are believed to exist, the most commonly known species are the Cabbage Head, the Mushroom, the Lion’s Mane, Moon and the deadly Box Jellyfish. Of these, the species most commonly known, and the one most commonly kept in captivity is the Moon jelly.

In the past jellyfish, or jellies as they’re sometimes called, have only been kept in very large 100+ gallon aquariums which cost tens of thousands of dollars, much more than the average person could afford. Therefore they were only a luxury exhibit for zoos or large scale business who could afford to house them. But recently, due to advancements in technology, smaller scale tanks have been able to be produced, allowing people the opportunity to start keeping them in their own home.

jellyfish tank

A jellyfish tank is very different from the normal fish tank. Jellies have special requirements that the common aquarium can’t provide. Unlike fish, these marine life float rather than swim, and are used to being in the current in the wild, so they need constantly moving water to thrive. Jellyfish tanks provide this. They have special mechanisms built in which provide constantly circling water. Due to this they have a circular shape rather than rectangular. The tanks are also often equipped with LEDs which illuminate the water and the jellies. Not only does this add a cool effect but it’s need to fully enjoy watching the jellies because they have translucent bodies which can be hard to see without being illuminated.

There are two main producers of jelly aquariums on the market, Jellyfish Art and Cubic. Jellyfish Art was the first to come onto the scene with their desktop aquarium. These run $250-$600 depending on which kit you choose. And most option come with the jellyfish included. These tanks fit perfectly on the desk for a nice addition to the office or den. Cubic then came out with their versions, the Orbit 20 tank and Pulse 80 tank, which are more higher end, and absolutely beautiful. These aquariums range from $400 – $1300.

So for those looking for an exotic pet that’s both easy to take care of and fun (and relaxing) to watch, consider the new guy on the block, the jellyfish.

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