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Pets are not just animals you adopt in your home. They are considered as family,

How to Protect Your Dog from Sunburns

Taking care of a dog is a responsibility. Like when you have a child, the life of another living being is completely entrusted to your care. There are always those who would simply want to have one around, without being aware of what this actually means, but have no delusions, taking a proper care about your dog is in no way easy task.

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While everyone knows that you should keep your dog clean, well-fed and pest free, as well as take it on a regular walks in order to keep its both physical and mental health at a desired level, there are some aspects of taking care of your dog that do not even cross most people’s minds. It is easy, when thinking about your dog’s safety, to perceive parasites as a serious threat, however not that many people are aware of just how susceptible dogs are to the dangers of sunburn. Here are some tips and advices of how to protect your dog from this hazardous occurrence.

Sunscreen for Dogs

While it is true that as creatures of nature, dogs are not completely helpless of taking care of themselves on their own, but with the recent pollution and the damage in the ozone layer, some of the less resistant breeds to sunburn have become quite endangered. However, there is no place for desperation where there is a chance for you to take the matter into your own hands and protect your beloved dog.

First check if your dog is one of these breeds that are prone to getting sunburns. If the answer to the last question is yes, then perhaps the best course of action for you would be to apply some quality sunburn on your dog. This simple yet elegant solution might turn out to be lifesaving for your beloved pet in the long run and that is all that should really matter in this situation.

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Provide a Shade for Your Dog

It goes without saying that you should keep your dog inside on the hottest days of the year. Make sure to take your walks on a bit colder parts of the day, in evening for example, during the summer. Prevention is always the best solution, but when keeping your dog indoors all the time, for any reason, is simply not a solution, you need to find a way to provide this so much necessary shade for it in some other way.

When it comes to providing shade for your yard and exterior in general, the first thing that pops into anyone’s mind is the shade of the three. However, trees take time to grow and are quite immobile once you plant them, which means that, although by far the most popular, they are not a perfect solution. The most practical and by far the easiest solution would be for you to find a nice option from a choice of marquees for sale to set it up in your backyard. These marquees are easy to install, cheap and portable shade makers that will always protect your dog from the harm of sunburns.

Do Not Cut Your Dog’s Hair Too Short

As already mentioned, some species are more under risk of getting the sunburn, so if you are grooming your dog by yourself and you are aware that your dog might be at risk, there are several things you can do in order to not let this happen. Still there are two tips that are of utmost significance in this field, first of all, if your dog is endangered of sunburns, do not under any circumstances shave it or cut its hair short. Although it may seem simple now, this invaluable piece of advice sometimes goes a long way.

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In the end, having a dog is not that different from having a child. You can never be too safe, and there are dangers everywhere, dangers you were never even aware of. Still, where there’s a will, there’s a way as the popular proverb states and when it comes to protecting your beloved pet, no price should be too high and no effort or step of percussion too big for you not to take it.

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