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How To Keep Your Dog Healthy After Surgery

Having a dog for a pet is not much different from having another loving family member, especially when we consider all the care and protection dog owners provide to their little buddies. That’s why it gets pretty difficult to face with the fact that your four-leg friend needs to undergo surgery, but it’s even more concerning when it comes to providing properly post-operative care. Although recovery process is usually not followed with complications, you should know that advanced care is definitely necessary during first post-op days. These are some useful tips to help you keep your doggy well, safe and healthy after exhausting surgery:

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Separate your dog from other animals

When you bring your lovely dog home after the surgery, it’s probable that he’ll be tired, disoriented and in pain, and that’s normal, but it will make him nervous and bigoted. In other words, your pet needs quiet and isolated place for napping and resting, and you must ensure other animals can’t approach him, especially because other dogs will try to lick his wound or nuzzle around, and that’s pretty irritating.

Take care about incision and bandages

Focus on your dog’s surgical incision, check it regularly and follow up the healing process. It’s crucial to keep the incision dry and clean, but if the wound becomes dirty, you can carefully clean it with liquid that vet prescribed, and replace dirty bandages. It’s ok if there’s leakage from incision as long as it’s limited to few drops, but in case you spot excessive bleeding, swelling, bruising or bad odour, it may be infection, so visit the vet immediately. At this stage your attention should be focused on preventing your dog to lick and scratch the incision or to remove the bandages, where e-collars can be great solution.

Avoid baths for a while

Your doggy must restrain from baths during first couple of weeks after the surgery, but since this varies from case to case, it’s best to consult your vet to hear when it’s the best time for bathing. In most cases bathing can’t be performed until stiches are removed.

Proper and balanced after – surgery nutrition

One of the key measures you should undertake in order to keep your dog feeling good after the surgery is providing enough hydration and smaller amounts of food. Your dog’s daily menu should be based on several light, nutritive portions which can contain cooked chicken, but you can also look for special prescription after-surgery diets and healthy canine meals like the well-known Stefmar’s Hills Science Prescription in order to include additional nutritive options during recovery process.

Provide short walks

To maintain good physical condition of your dog and improve his energy status, you should take him for a short walks around the house or within nearby park during first 14 days after the procedure. However, jumping, running or excessive physical activity is not recommended until the stiches are off, so try to keep your buddy as calm as possible.

Although you may feel uncomfortable thinking whether you’re providing right post-op care to your beloved dog, if you follow your vet’s advices, offer adequate nutrition and moderate activity, there shouldn’t be reasons for worrying.

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