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How to Choose the Best Cat Food

Every pet owner wants only the best for their pets. And for most household pets like cats and dogs, choosing the finest kind of food is of paramount importance. Cat food comes in all types these days – natural, high protein, non-fatty – name it, there’s one for it. But which one from the list is indeed perfect for your cat?

Cat eating

First things first – you have to know what your cat really needs. Nutritionally, cats need a lot of protein in their diet. And knowing cats, protein from fish is their favorite. However, it’s fairly okay to give them meat and poultry alternately. Aside from protein, your cat also needs taurine, some vitamins, a lot of minerals, a few fatty acids, and certain enzymes.

Referring to that list, you will notice that there are no carbohydrates included there. That means your cat doesn’t really need carbohydrates in order to live a healthy life. So when choosing cat food, make sure that there are no such things as corn, rice, or wheat added in it. Many manufacturers use them as fillers. And that isn’t a good sign. You want only the most essential nutrients in every can or kibble of cat food that you feed your pet.

As for which between canned food and kibbles to buy, the choice is up to you. It’s a known fact that canned cat food is more expensive than kibbles. But more cats prefer the former more. If you would rather feed your cat real food, canned cat food is the way to go. However, if you’re a little bit concerned about the price, the kibbles or dry cat food version is more ideal. Don’t worry about the kibbles, they offer the same nutritional value as the canned food. It’s just that canned cat food looks fresh while kibbles have all the moisture content removed for easy storing and re-feeding.

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