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How Often Should You Bath Your Dog?

All you dog owners out there probably already know just how much your beautiful pet loves bathtime. Unlike cats, dogs react rather favourably to water, which is definitely a good thing as they do tend to get far dirtier. Still, knowing how often to bath your dog and with which shampoo is essential.

Dog bathing
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So, with that in mind i’ve written this short article to let all you animal lovers know exactly what the experts suggest. Hopefully you’ll learn something, but if not, at least i’ll have confirmed you’re doing the right thing.

Standard Bathing Routine

So long as your dog doesn’t have any pre-existing skin problems, most vets recommend that you wash them in the bath or outside using a hose of warm water at least once per month. Any less than this and you risk them becoming unhealthy due to a buildup of dirt, insects, and fleas that may nestled within their coat.

Likewise, bathing them more frequently can cause skin problems to occur. These animals weren’t really designed with frequent bathing in mind, so too much washing can cause their skin to dry up.

How To Choose The Right Shampoo

If you learn nothing else from this article, make sure you don’t forget the following sentence: never, ever, ever, wash your dog using human shampoos and soaps. Their skin is far too sensitive and your dog will become very irritated, very quickly. Instead, you need to visit your local pet store and pick up some specially designed gentle pet shampoo to avoid any problems.

That said, if you suspect your dog has fleas or any other infestation issue, it’s necessary that you purchase shampoos that are designed to deal with this. You can get some great dog shampoo for mange that works wonders, so don’t leave it until your little friend is too uncomfortable and get to work today.

Selecting An Ear Washing Solution

Though you should only need to wash your dog around once per month, it’s advisable to give their ears a good clean every couple of weeks. For this you can buy ear washing solution from your local pet store that should help to keep the area clean whilst also maintaining a healthy level of ear wax. You must remember that dogs stick their heads in some pretty disgusting places, so their ears will always need special attention.

Ensuring You Dry Thoroughly

As you already know, once your dog is out of the bathtub there’s generally very little you can do to stop him/her from shaking himself/herself dry. That said; it’s important that you don’t let them run off whilst still damp. So even though you might have to put up with the initial shake and get a little wet, it’s worth hanging on for a moment or two so you can dry them properly using a towel afterwards. Also, try not to let your dog outside again straight away as the cold air can cause their damp sensitive skin to become dry and painful.

Well, there you have it my animal-loving friends. I hope now you know a little bit more about how you should be washing your little pal. Just remember that although vets recommend you wash them once per month, if your dog comes home covered in mud, you are allowed to make an exception.

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