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Pets are not just animals you adopt in your home. They are considered as family,

Genuine and reliable reviews of top Pet insurance

Pet insurance industry has been growing owing to its many benefits provided to the pet owners. The regular visits to the vet can burn your wallets if you don’t have a pet insurance. Pet insurance takes care of most of the medical expenses like injuries, accidents, chronic ailments, hereditary medical conditions, and many more.


You can also get a fair idea about the benefits, drawbacks and also its cost. The following article gives a review of the top players in the pet insurance segment. The factors considered for review includes:

The aspect that comes under this head includes the total cover amount and also the types of diseases covered. The flexibility offered by the company to its clients is majorly considered. There can be chronic illness, congenital sickness or any kind of medical condition cued through hereditary factors. Conditions also include like what in case of death of the pet, accidents, loss or theft and many more.

Customer service
The next parameter is the customer service. The reputation of the company plays a major role in Pet insurance reviews. The standing of the insurance company amidst the public is also taken into consideration.

Claim payment
Many of the insurance company make tall claims for their offers. When it is time to make the claim payment there is a long delay and cumbersome procedure too. The reviews look into these factors as how soon the claim is settled, process involved in the same and many more.

Policy price
The cost of the policy is another major consideration. Premiums and the way it is calculated come under this head.

Based on the above factors there are three insurance companies that tops the list and their reviews is given as under:

Healthy paws:
The company comes with a great customer service. With on time settlement of the claims with very little paper work, the clients seem to be very satisfied. One of the major innovative plans of healthy paws cover all incidents covered by the policy is paid that year if the annual deductible is reached. Also, the polices cover many of the congenital conditions including hip dysplasia. They offer different levels of annual deductible paving way for better flexibility.

Pet plan
The customer service division runs 24/7 with options of live chat, mail, phone and fax.  They do not have age restriction which is rare and most sought after plans in the pet insurance segment. Pet plan can cover most of the medical conditions of your pet including those discovered during the tenure of the policy. Their terms and conditions are very clearly given out and no ambiguity prevails.

Browsing through the Pet insurance reviews can give you a detailed insight about what you get from the policy.

Regular check of your pet at the vet like dental cleaning, nutritional check, shampoos and grooming, behavioural training and many more are covered under wellness plans.  Customize option strikes a chord with the clients who can get a policy according to their requirements and budget.

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