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Pets are not just animals you adopt in your home. They are considered as family,

Doggy Smile-A Pet Dentist Near Me to Offer Mobile In-Home Service

It is only through proper dental care that the quality of life of your pet is improved. As a pet owner, it is your main responsibility to check on the condition of your pet, especially regarding its dental health. Dental disease is actually one of the most severe medical conditions that are observed and assessed by veterinarians. Apart from it, this leads to debilitating and serious health issues such as kidney disease, liver, and heart. If your pet is experiencing the following conditions such as the swollen mouth, discolored teeth, broken, cracked or loose teeth, bad breath, pain or difficulty when eating or chewing, inflamed gums or red gums, you now need to check out the mobile in-home service from Doggy Smile.

dog smile

Since it can be quite difficult to take your cat or dog into the office of a veterinarian, the task is now made easier for you by Doggy Smile. They will come to you and will offer the mobile in-home service as part of the compassionate and quality veterinary care for your dogs and cats in the comforts of your home.

The impressive thing is that the veterinary technician and its staff members will take the time to listen and pay attention to your needs as an owner. Even the simplest and most complex issues and concerns will also be discussed properly for your clear understanding.

They will carry out physical examinations and other appropriate tests that can help treat and diagnose illnesses. Other services will also be provided when deemed as needed. If you also request for wellness exams for cats and dogs, these will be offered to you along with necessary vaccinations, parasite control, and microchips.

Thus, instead of traveling to the main office, the mobile in-home service will be a better idea in examining and treating the conditions of your pet. Even though there may be a little travel fee to pay for the service, it is still worth the saved time and effort. You also no longer need to be in a hurry, but you just need to stay calm and wait for the team to arrive.

There is no need to hesitate because the mobile clinic is fully equipped with digital radiography, pet dental cleanings and surgical procedures that may demand the use of general anesthesia. The veterinary technician and the assistant will remain focused on your pet. He or she will closely monitor the oxygen, the pulse and the blood pressure throughout the procedures.

If you also request a completely detailed estimate, it will be provided for you concerning your pet’s health and condition. It will be presented the easiest way possible for your convenience. Now, you have learned more about the mobile in-home service that can be obtained from Doggy Smile. There is no need to hesitate in trying out this one as it has been proven by other previous owners in the area. With a Pet Dentist Near Me, all your concerns will be attended to the fullest for your guaranteed satisfaction!

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