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Pets are not just animals you adopt in your home. They are considered as family,

Common Dog Tricks in the House

Dogs are lovable pets that can shake, crawl, beg, wave, kiss, roll over, take a bow and do million of things that can soften your heart and brighten your day. Whether they are purebred or of mixed breed heritage, they are not only useful like the working dogs, but they can also do public service and enjoy some recreational activities with you. Even at home, you can still do some competitive sports activities with your dog and all it takes is just a little imagination.

Cute dog

People and dog playing together can provide your home a family-like atmosphere as you learn to communicate better with your pet. The dogs will have the opportunity to learn good manners, which makes them easier to live with. You should train your dog as early as possible, else, they will turn your household upside down. You can start with simple tricks like fetch, sit, roll over, or play dead. However, you should make your training as fun and enjoyable as possible and remember to give them treats if they are doing it right. This will re-enforce in their minds that what they are doing is good and they will likely repeat them.

Doing activities with your dogs can ease your boredom and they are less likely to have behavioral problems. Treat your dog right and after a hard day’s work of training, let your pet rest on its dog bed so it can be up again tomorrow for another round of sports and games.

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