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Cat Owners Guide to Treating Fleas

Most UK cat owners will have to deal with some sort of flea infestation occasionally, but don’t worry, this is rarely your fault. As cats are generally allowed to roam around freely, it’s very difficult to avoid issues like this, especially with those animals who like to make “friends”.

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With that in mind, I thought it might be appropriate for me to write this short article explaining some of the most successful and frequently used techniques of removing a flea infestation in your feline friend. So, take a quick read through the rest of this page and see if you can learn a thing or two.

How You Know Your Cat Has Fleas

Usually people tend to notice the fleas themselves first. This is because fully grown adults are actually quite big, meaning they’re more than visible to the naked eye when hopping from your animal to your carpets and furniture. That said; it’s still a good idea to check your cats fur around once per week to see if you can spot any moving critters.

Traditional Methods Of Flea Control

It can sometimes be difficult to chose between the different products available when looking for cat flea treatment, yet the most traditional methods are still considered to be the best. So, try visiting your vet or local pet shop, as they are the ones best placed to advise you.

Generally tablets, shampoos, and a liquid that is poured around the collar-line are considered to be the best options, though as you’ll soon see, there are some newer solutions on the market.

New Methods Of Flea Control

In recent years, many new products have appeared, and some people swear by them, so it wouldn’t be fair of me to leave them out. Frontline, Advantage, and Program are the most popular and are usually administered via a tablet or liquid a meal times, making it much less likely that your animal will simply lick the solution from it’s hair and skin. So perhaps you should try these products if more traditional techniques fail to produce the results you require.

Program in particular works by producing inhibiting enzymes that stop flea eggs and larvae from becoming attached to the skin. This obviously means that the reproduction rate of these critters significantly decreases, leaving your cat feeling fresh and itch free.

Just remember that most of these new solutions only need to be used around once every six months, and should hopefully keep fleas away for the duration.

So there you have it my animal-loving chums. I hope now you know a little bit more about the options available to you with regards to stopping fleas and ridding your animal of an infestation. Just don’t forget that (in my opinion) the older products tend to work best, though they do contain chemicals that felines are sometimes allergic to. So, if you think your cat has particularly sensitive skin, it might be worth looking at some of the most recently available blends.

Good luck, whatever you decide to use.

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