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Camping with Dogs 101

Camping is getting more and more popular nowadays. It is a great way to spend some quality time with your family and, of course, your dog, if you have one. You would think that there is no bigger joy for your best friend than running in the open, chasing squirrels and butterflies, rolling in grass. But, as much as they may love these things, there are a lot of dangerous things to pay attention to, because house dogs are not used to wilderness. That is why camping can be very stressful for your dog. We will give you some of basic and most important things you should do so your dog can fully enjoy while he is out there.

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A very important thing is training. Does your dog listen to you? There are many different commands you can teach your dog, but some of them are, let’s say, useless, good only for entertainment. Here are some of the basic and important commands you should teach your dog before you go anywhere. Teach him to freeze on your command and stop doing whatever he attended to. Also teach him to come to you, lay down and not to move if necessary and to drop whatever he is chewing or holding in his mouth. You can use any words you like, just make sure your dog understands you and listens to them. This might safe yours as much as his life.

Now we come to aggression. If you have an aggressive dog, whether towards people, other dogs and animals or wildlife, your dog has no place in wilderness. Even if it happened only once, there is always a chance it might happen again. There are so many ways that this can go wrong that you really want to leave your dog at home.

Next thing is physical capabilities. This depends mostly on breed of your dog, but it also depends on training your dog has received. You don’t want to take too hard on him. Start slowly and make progress. Pay attention to terrain you are going to camp on, you don’t want a small dog on rough terrain. Larger dogs are always a better choice for camping, no matter to condition.

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Handle the poop. As much as other campers don’t like to see your “thing”, that much they don’t want to see your dog’s too. No one expects you to carry it around, but do the same thing you would do for yourself. Dig a hole.

Always carry a first aid with you, your dog needs it as much as you do. A small thorn can cause a lot of trouble and pain. Just make sure your veterinarian prescribes some pain relievers for your dog because they are intolerant for human pain relievers.

But before all of the camping preps even start, apply doggie flea treatment. This is the greatest danger of all. He will be running around, rolling all over the place and jumping into bushes. Fleas and ticks of all kinds are all over the place just waiting for a carefree dog to stroll into their clutches. There are many ways to protect your dog. From all sorts of different sprays to collars that last up to eight months.

Make sure you know the terrain you plan to camp on and most importantly- know your dog.

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