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Pets are not just animals you adopt in your home. They are considered as family,

Buying A Puppy? 8 Things To Prep Before Bringing Them Home

Congratulations—you’re buying a puppy! Be ready for years of companionship and cuddles by following a few steps before bringing him home. Here are eight tips in how to prepare for your furry friend.

Buying A Puppy

Puppy Proofing

Preparing your home will be the biggest task. Go room-by-room and get a dog’s eye view for anything your puppy may be endangered by. Toys, wires, trash, and even clothing can be a hazard. Remove anything questionable.


Outside is a hazardous place for any dog. If you have a yard, carefully go over it and remove anything dangerous. Chemicals, small toys, poisonous plants and trash are all things to look for. It only takes one missed item to cause serious illness or death.

Dinner Time

Before bringing your buddy home, find out his eating habits. Have his normal food on hand, along with fresh water that he can access easily. Be prepared to take him out every time he eats until he’s fully house-trained.

Good Night, Sleep Tight

Your puppy will need a sleeping space. Have a crate or bed set up in that spot. If he’s trained from the start, he’ll be faithful in “going to bed” in his special place. If you’re using a crate, get one big enough for him to grow into.

Doctor, Doctor

It’s important to choose your vet before the big day. Find one you can trust and are comfortable talking with. Give your vet details of your puppy and schedule his first check-up so you can discover any health issues right away.

Honey, I’m Home

When it comes to family and friends, you’ll need to get them ready too. Personal injury lawyer from Stockbridge says to be up front and let them know your expectations. If your puppy gets different signals from everyone, he’ll never learn to respond consistently with good manners.

Making A Schedule

Have a schedule ready beforehand to help your puppy settle in. Know when you’ll be feeding him, taking him for walks, and putting him to bed. Consistency is the key to having a healthy, well-adjusted pet. This is a huge aspect when it comes to training as well. If you are opting to start the training process as soon as your get your new family member home, then you should do a lot of planning before hand. Know how you are going to handle each and every situation. It will make for a more seamless transition for you and the new pup.

Going For A Ride

Free your car of small objects and trash that your puppy may get into. Have a doggie seat belt for safety. Never let your puppy stick his head out the window because he could be struck or even killed. Or depending on the car you own, you can just have a travel kennel in the back of the car. This car preserve the integrity of your car at times as well.

Following these tips will have you ready to get started on the road to happiness with your new puppy pal.

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