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7 Things You Should Do Before Owning a Horse

Many people dream of owning a horse, as they are such beautiful, majestic creatures. It’s not as simple as just going out and buying one that you like the look of though, as you can run into many problems if you don’t know what to expect. You need to take all kinds of things into consideration, from what you want the horse for to the horses history and identification. This guide will clue you up on 7 things you should do before you hand over your cash for a horse:

Horses - 7 Things You Should Do Before Owning a Horse

Decide What You Want Your Horse For

You need to be totally clear about how you will use your horse and the kind of temperament you need. What’s your ability level? Make sure you’re honest or you could find yourself in over your head! How much time do you have to spend with your horse? A lot of people end up buying horses that are too much work for them. You may own your horse for 20-30 years, so making an informed decision and not being led astray is important.

Don’t Buy The Horse Without A Viewing

You might have bought those nice new shoes online, but it’s not an appropriate place to buy a horse. Some nasty dealers will give a false description of a horse and once you’ve paid for it, you’ll find it’s very difficult to get your money back.

Take A Person Who Knows About Horses With You

You’ll definitely need an expert opinion from somebody you trust. The horse will be judged much better by somebody who isn’t buying and know what they’re talking about, plus they’ll more than likely think of questions to ask that you would have forgotten about.

Check The Horses Identification

There have been many cases where a passport doesn’t match the horse. Make sure you check the passport against the horse before making a commitment to buy. If you’re in any doubt over the authenticity of the passport, contact the Passport Issuing Organisation.

Get The Horse Vetted

A vet will carry out a number of fitness checks to make sure the horse is fit for purpose. You shouldn’t just take the vendors word for it, ever! Make sure you always use an experienced horse vet, and you should do it regardless of how much it’ll cost. You’ll save money in the long run by avoiding problems!

Get some advice from the vet on what kind of products to buy for your horse, such as horse wormers, shampoos, etc.

Ensure The Vendor You Choose Is Reputable

Make sure you research to find out whether the vendor you’ve chosen is reputable or not. Have a look on forums and ask your horse loving friends to give you advice. Google should be able to help you, too; simply type in names, numbers, etc.

Check The Horses History

Check for any problems the horse has had in the past and vet records. Unfortunately there are people out there who will drug horses to make them seem docile, when really they have behavioural problems. Make sure you check the horses history thoroughly!

If you make sure you do these 7 things before buying your horse, you’ll end up with the best possible horse to suit you. It’ll cost you more in the long run if you don’t!


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