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3 Top Tips For Choosing A New Dog Bed

The world of dog beds has come a long way in recent years. There are now a wider variety of sizes, shapes, materials and fillings than ever before, making it tricky for the less experienced dog owner to choose the right one for their pooch.

Chunky Dog Bed - 3 Top Tips For Choosing A New Dog Bed

As we know only too well, there are dogs of all shapes and sizes and those that need different types care and attention. Because of this, you need to make sure you find the perfect bed to keep your pup comfortable at night.

So, if you are on the look for a new dog bed but don’t know where to start, here are 3 top tips for choosing a new dog bed.

1.Consider Size

There is a great deal of difference between a Great Dane and a Chihuahua, see just how much in his post from Man’s Best Friend. Because of this, they need very different kinds of support.

If you have a small dog you have a wider variety of beds to choose from, however, there are two things to take into considerations.

The first is that if small dogs generally feel insecure if they are put in a bed far too large for them. This could lead to them to abandoning the bed and coming looking for alternative and more secure places to sleep like chairs, sofas or even your bed.

The way to combat this is to find one which is only just slightly bigger than the dog fully stretched out. There are also plenty with comforting walls which both provide them with something to lean against and something which makes them feel safer at night.

When it comes to large dogs, there is certainly less variety than those for smaller dogs. This is because of the sheer size of them and also the greater need for proper support.

Large dog beds more closely resemble the types of mattresses we put on our beds. This is because they provide support to an animal which lies on the hard ground for most of the day.

2. Tricky Thick or Long Fur

Dogs also differ greatly in the amount of fur which they grow. If you have a Bearded Collie or a Newfoundland, you’ll know only too well of the issues which shaggy-haired dogs pose.

They said, “Many of the warm and cosy beds are lost on these dogs because they tend to overheat. The heat gets trapped between the bed and the dog as they sleep, ultimately making for an uncomfortable night’s sleep.”

“Your best option is to get your pet a cot bed, preferably with a mesh base. These allow a constant circulation of air underneath the dog as they sleep to keep them cool because they are raised from the ground.”

3. Care For Young and Old Dogs

As well as taking size and fur into consideration, age is also something which can greatly affect which type of bed your dog needs.

Regardless f the type of dog, puppies tend to need a little more care and attention. Because of this, the point about having a dog bed with walls (mentioned in tip 1) is just as important.

When it comes to older dogs, you have to understand that they might need a little more support than they used to.

We spoke to luxury dog bed manufacturers, Avondale Pet Luxury, who explained to us the problems with particularly furry dogs and their beds.

As this post from Pet MD shows, arthritis is one of the most common ailments in older dogs. Because of this, there are now lots of memory foam dog beds which offer that extra bit of comfort that the average dog bed might not.

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