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Pets are not just animals you adopt in your home. They are considered as family,

Turn your Backyard into Doggy Heaven

We would all do everything in our power to make the lives of our dogs richer and more exciting. While people who keep dogs in apartments are somewhat limited when it comes to modifying their living space to better suit their four-legged friends, those who live in houses can do something truly great for their dogs. They can do a ton of stuff that will turn their backyard into true, bona fide doggy heaven. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Doggy in Backyard

Bring the water into the backyard

If your backyard does not already have a water feature of some kind, this is the perfect chance to do exactly that. Dogs require fresh water around the clock and it is much easier to install a splash fountain or a little stream in your backyard than to bring them bowls of water every now and then. If you are building something bigger, make sure that your dog can get out easily if they happen to fall in, or jump in.

Providing them with shelter and shade

You have two options when it comes to providing shelter for your dog. They will either be an outside dog who will actually live in the dog house or they might sleep inside and only coming out to play. In the first case, we would recommend building or purchasing a dog house. It is very easy to build one of these and you can use materials you already have around your property, such as boards from packaging wooden crates or material you have left from your previous projects.

If your dog is usually inside, it might not need a dog house but they will still need a place where they can hide from the sun in the summer months and where they can escape the rain. Building a shade is even easier than building a dog house and our recommendation would be to place this spot somewhere from where the dog will be able to survey the entire backyard.

Set aside a dig zone

There is something in dog’s nature that inspires them to dig. This can be somewhat annoying if you are trying to grow something in your backyard or if you want it not to look like aftermath of a particularly bloody World War I battle. The easiest and the best way to avoid this is to designate a dig zone where your dog will be encouraged to dig as much as they like and where they will feel at home.

There are a few ways in which you can entice them to use the dig zone instead of the rest of the backyard. For instance, you can provide shade over it or you can elevate it a bit and make it the best surveying spot in the yard. This will soon make it their favorite spot.

Plant the right yummy plants

Another thing that dogs love to do is to eat grass and flowers. It is one of those things that they just do and you cannot do anything about it. What you can do is provide them with delicious grass and flower species that will also provide them with nutrients, such as oat and wheat grasses, pansies, rose hips, dandelions and even lavender. Your dog will go crazy about these, that’s a guarantee. These plants, on the other hand can be toxic for dogs and you should never feature them in your backyard.

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