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Tips to Raise Cattle

Are you planning to have your own cattle farm? If yes, then you are about to have a different experience altogether. Here is an overview as to how you can raise cattle easily and successfully. Take a look –


1. Before you buy the cattle, make sure that you have adequate pasture. Remember it will not be possible for you to raise the cattle without having the required feed. It is advisable that you get information on the best feed for cattle. For instance while cattle eat grain, hay and silage; grass and hay is the best food for them.

Note: the selection of the feed depends on several factors like – type of cattle, location of the farm and the goal of raising the cattle.

There are some specifications for different cattle:

  • grass for stocker calves
  • moist hay for dairy cattle
  • hay and grass for beef cow

2. Focus upon maintaining a good health program for your cattle. Remember this is more important for you if you plan to bring new cattle in your existing herd. New cattle might have some diseases that can get transmitted in your herd.

Sometimes the location of your cattle farm also influences your herd health program. For instance, if you are raising your cattle in a high disease prone area, then you need to have a strong health program.

Herd health programs are all about preventive and cure measures for your cattle. Common preventive steps in herd health program are:

  • quarantine periods
  • proper feed for cattle
  • vaccinations
  • culling program

Common medical aids you must always have at hand are:

  • calf puller
  • calving chains
  • trocar
  • dexamethazone
  • rope
  • latex gloves
  • xtra needles a
  • syringes
  • 70% alcohol solution

Note: apart from the above-mentioned items, you need to keep other items in the emergency kit too. These additional items will depend on the type of cattle you are raising.  Remember having an emergency kit is necessary. You can use this kit in the absence of a vet.

3. Familiarize yourself with selling of cattle. You can sell your cattle in several ways:

  • direct sales
  • auction mart
  • dispersal sales etc

Auction is the most common way to sell cattle. Some of the common cattle sold in auction marts are – weaned calves and cull cattle. It depends on you if you want to sell your cattle in an online auction mart or in a local auction mart. Nowadays the trend of online auction marts have become quite popular. You can find several online auction websites specializing in livestock for sale.

Several advertisements on cattle sale are also posted on newspapers and magazines. This form of selling is commonly called private treaty. Here, the buyer and seller can negotiate the prices. Word of mouth recommendation is also part of the private treaty. You can spread the message in your locality that you are selling cattle.

Dispersal sales are more about selling the entire herd. Here, you can sell the entire or half of your cattle herd to sellers like meat producers.

The whole process of raising cattle is quite interesting. If you do it properly, then you are bound to enjoy the process from the start to the finish.

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