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Pets are not just animals you adopt in your home. They are considered as family,

The Must-Read Shopping List for Dog Owners

If you are about to add a dog to the family, then you’re probably looking for a checklist of all the bits and pieces you need. You’re in luck! We’ve put together the ultimate shopping list, for dog owners. So, whether you’re about to pick up a new puppy or just want to treat your pooch, here is everything you will ever need.

Dog trolley

Dog Bed

Your dog is going to need somewhere comfortable to sleep; that becomes their home. Puppies may try and destroy something that is fabric based, so have a look around for a plastic bed instead. If the room they’re sleeping in can get chilly at night, make sure they have a blanket to keep them warm.

Dog Bowls

You will want to invest in a good size dog bowl that can hold both food and water, plus a spare water bowl that can be taken out and about with you. Metal bowls are good for bigger dogs, with ceramic saucers being used for small breeds instead.


This may be a difficult one to start with, as you’re not going to know what your new dog likes. Make sure you get food that is suitable for their age and size by searching for different types of dog food online. If you find that they don’t like what you get them, then ask your Vet for a recommendation.


Not all dogs will need daily grooming, but they will need a bath every now and then. We recommend getting a grooming brush and some specifically designed puppy shampoo. You may also want to invest in some dog nail clippers as well, unless you will be getting them clipped at a grooming salon.

Lead and Collar

A collar and lead are not just fashion accessories; they’re vital for taking your dog out for walks. If you’re planning on training your new puppy then we would suggest getting a harness, and short lead to start with. When they get bigger and better behaved then go for a collar and longer leash.


As with the short lead, treats will be needed for those who want to train their puppy. Always reward your dog for doing something right, instead of telling them off when they do something wrong. Dogs learn much better from positive reinforcement than being told off.

Toilet Training

If your puppy hasn’t yet been toilet trained then ensure you invest in some puppy pads! These will come in extremely handy when you are trying to toilet train, and to stop your puppy from messing on the floor. They actually have a certain scent in them, which entices the dog over to use it as a toilet. Clever stuff.


Last, but not least, are dog toys. Dogs are animals that need a lot of entertaining, which can either be with a toy or by chewing up your floor. Invest in some different toys that will keep your dog happy and stop your house from being trashed.

We hope you’re feeling more at ease about your new puppy coming home, now you know what you need to buy. Print our list off and take it with you on your trip to the pet shop!

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