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Pets are not just animals you adopt in your home. They are considered as family,

The Best Places to Find a New Horse

After you have determined that you can afford the time, patience, dedication and finance to buy a new horse – the next step is where to go to get a new addition to your family.

Horse - The Best Places to Find a New Horse

The first stage of your selection is to decide which type of horse you want. By “type” we mean an all-rounder, broodmare, cob, endurance, hacking horse or show jumper. There are many more types.

The decision on whether you wish to have a part-breed or full-breed should be the next decision to make. Most people are not too fussed either way. There are well over a hundred different breeds of horse to choose from. From American Quarter Horses, Appaloosas, Belgium Warmbloods, and Holsteins to a Suffolk Punch – there is a wide selection available.

2 Horses - The Best Places to Find a New Horse

The age of your horse you want to buy can be narrowed down too. There are some who specifically want to buy two-year-olds, so they can train them and make them dressage ready, where others are just happy to buy an experienced hacking horse and one that is a little bit mature.

Search parameters at Horse Scout can also be filtered down to price too. If there is a certain budget you do not want to exceed, then selecting a price set at or below your desired amount can easily be done. It is worth considering not to put too many filters in your search as you may find the selection criteria shrinking by too much.

Can I Buy A Horse from A Private Seller?

Yes. But there are precautions to take here. Although most people buy from private sellers, it is not always the best option. There are no consumer rights, so buyers have to be wary of the seller, check credentials and past testimonials.

Jumping Horse - The Best Places to Find a New Horse

What about a Riding School?

Usually this is a good place to start when buying your first horse. The changeover of horses is frequent at riding schools and there is always plenty of selection for you to get the right “type” of horse you want.

At Horse Scout, there are hundreds of horses for sale and you can even use the site to sell an existing horse you have, as well as link up with other horse owners in your area. Horse dealers and sales agents are the best place to find a new horse, as this is their industry.

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