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Non-Toxic Flee Remedies for Your Animal Companions

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Families with dogs have a tendency to let their pets wonder in and out of the house at their will, which has some setbacks you may not notice: not just dirt and smell they bring with themselves by default, but also fleas that harm your pets, yourself and your children. In order to protect yourself against these nasty insects, here are some solutions that are efficient, trustworthy and, most importantly, not toxic and not harming your health.

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Who Are You Fighting and How?

Common human knowledge about fleas comes down to knowing that they exist, attack people and animals and should be avoided. Biology, however, tells us that fleas are special kinds of insects that pierce skin, suck blood and, basically, parasite on other creatures. Among about a couple of thousand of species – dog, human, northern rat, oriental and cat flea, among others – the most dangerous is the last-mentioned one that targets cats, dogs and humans alike.

The problem with chemical flea products is that they cannot extinct them all – moreover, they are only about 5% efficient. And they have to be taken seriously, as even some of the most well-known flea products, such as flea bombs, are potentially harmful and problematic. Therefore, approach them with extreme care.

Outdoor Tips

When it comes to flea prevention, there are a couple of rules to follow. Namely, you should try preventing them from entering your home in the first place by spraying nematodes at specific outside locations such as moist or wet spots that have a lot of shade as these are the spots that fleas like to occupy. Moreover, you can leave eucalyptus leaves at doors and other entrances because their smell makes the fleas run away. There is no need to go overboard with it, but a couple of leaves in each room will make a huge difference.

Indoor Tips

If fleas manage to cross you threshold, you should focus on your pets and engage in the cleaning process. Pets have to be cleaned regularly and checked for fleas, as well as restricted from accessing certain parts of your house, like bedrooms and children’s rooms. Also, use a special flea comb when combing them just to be sure they are not infested.

As far as cleaning goes, it has to be done on a weekly basis and this goes for all carpets, rugs, beds, sofas, floors and other surfaces your pets vacate. In order to prevent further damage, you should clean your pets’ skin and fur monthly and try to use a homemade repellent (pour boiling water over lemon slices and leave the mix overnight). Ultimately, if your car or dog catches fleas, stay away from toxic products that harm both you and them and, instead, use some organic pest control products that are both safe and effective.

Extra Tips

Besides advising you to keep your pets’ health at the highest possible level – feed them regularly and with high quality food – you can also try another hack: fleas are attracted to soapy water, so you could place a bowl of it under a lamp not far from your sleeping pet in order to trap fleas in it. Finally, start cleaning your house before summer because fleas are active as soon as March. Only by applying these tactics will you be able to maintain a flea-free home and protect your family and pets.

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