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Smart Technology Uses in the Home

It is truly amazing how useful smart technology in your home can be. Whether you want a dog food dispenser or a talking calendar, there’s so much useful technology available. Despite there being plenty of useful technology, there’s also some not so useful technology. Instead of leaving you to wade through the wide range of products available, this is to tell you how and which smart technology can be used to enhance your home and therefore your daily life.

Dog waiting food - Smart Technology Uses in the Home

It is risky to get out a pleasantly warm bed once you’re comfortable, so why risk it? With the mass of technology available, thermometers and lights controlled from phones are only the start of the excellent technology that is available. More impressive, these incredible services are readily available at a relatively inexpensive price.

Recently, we’ve all seen the comical adverts for Amazon’s new product, Echo (with the virtual assistant Alexa). Or whatever you choose to call her. In the circumstance that you already have an Alexa in your home, you can change the name that it wakes up to. Obviously, this isn’t the main advantage so we’re going to tell you some of the benefits to your everyday life that Echo can bring. If you already have Hive, Alexa is an incredible tool that allows you to lounge around whilst you tell her to turn the heating up.

Not only can Alexa turn the heating up in general but she can do it based on what room you want the heating turned up in! She can play music, ring people (or your phone if you lose it), read you your calendar or tell you jokes: all important to modern life. Of course, there’s a vast range of tasks she can perform, all available to read about on Amazon. Not only is the tool helpful but it also looks brilliant with either a sleek black or shining white appearance.

If Alexa isn’t for you, there’s also a Google version available, Google smart speaker. Yes, the name is more boring. It does basically all of the same tasks so you simply need to decide whether you’re team Amazon or team Google. If you are in the unlikely situation of having an individual called Google in the home, we don’t know if this device can change names so good luck!

Elgato Eve Energy is one of the most useful pieces of technology that you can have in your home. It plugs into your socket, then you plug an item into this, perhaps a kettle. Whenever you want a cuppa but don’t want to press the button on the kettle, you can then do it through your smartphone! This is great if you want to come home to something turned on, perhaps a lamp or TV. It can also be used to track the energy consumption of the item that is plugged into it.

Do you want to keep an eye on your dog whilst you’re out of the home? Furbo can do that for you. It allows you to keep track of what your dog is up to whilst also letting you speak to the dog. If you choose, it can also alert you when your dog barks. This is useful if your dog only barks when somebody is at the door, for example. As if this wasn’t good enough, you can also fill the device with treats for your dog and then give them a treat via a button on your smartphone. Incredible, right?

That’s the best smart technology that any home must have! Estate Agents Leicester

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