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Sick as a Dog: Tips to Keep Fido Healthy All Year

Keeping a child healthy can be a challenge for any parent, but this is even truer when the child has four legs, a tail, and a wet nose. While illness is an inevitable part of both human and canine life, owners do not have to be passive when it comes to protecting their pets. Embracing the fundamentals of nutrition, exercise, and prevention will help keep Fido healthy and happy.

Sick Dog

Garbage In, Garbage Out

A nutritious, balanced diet is an essential component of canine health. While poor weight control is an obvious symptom of a deficient diet, in fact many other facets of canine health are influenced by nutrition, such as poor skin and coat health, low energy levels, and improper gastrointestinal function. Selecting a high quality dog food and following recommended feeding amounts will preclude many problems in these areas.

Exercise and Energy Management

While exercise requirements vary widely by breed and age, most dogs require one to two hours of physical activity per day to help expend excess energy. Symptoms of excess energy can include separation anxiety, and destructive behavior around the home, and providing Fido an outlet through exercise can actually stop these poor behaviors. The key is to establish a routine and stick to it. Quite often owners will notice an improvement in their own physical fitness as well as that of their dog.

Grooming, Oral Hygiene and Preventive Medicine

While nutrition and exercise are fairly obvious requirements for canine health, many owners overlook their dog’s grooming, oral hygiene, and preventive medicine requirements. Long haired dogs require daily brushing to keep their coats healthy, while short haired dogs require a monthly brushing. Nearly all dogs require a nail trimming at least once per month, and failing to do so can lead to foot ailments over time. Gum diseases caused by plaque and tartar buildup are some of the most widespread and preventable canine illnesses. To combat this, owners can brush their dog’s teeth with specially made pet toothpaste, or edible dental treats. Finally, preventive medications such as flea and heartworm medication can prevent very nasty illnesses. While the vet is a great source for these medications, you should check for brands yourself, as heartgard for dogs best price can often be found online.

While certainly not an exhaustive list, following these three simple fundamentals will help ensure that Fido is a part of the family for years to come. For more detailed health tips, contact your local veterinarian.

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