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Pets are not just animals you adopt in your home. They are considered as family,

Pet Hair Everywhere: Ways to Remove It

Even the cutest of pets can cause a serious nuisance when it comes to hair that they leave all around them. Carpets, curtains, couches, armchairs all suffer from this issue, but do not despair, as there are certain things that can help you deal with it.


Water is Your Friend

In order to get pet hair off of your sofa or other upholstery, you should first utilize barely dampen, clean, regular kitchen wipes. Simply run them gradually over the sofa and the hair will stick to it. Next, drench the palm of your hand. Wipe pet hair off in a descending movement and it will bunch up in your hands hand. This happens owing to the fact that the hair becomes wet and consequently heavier, resulting in it being not able to stick to the surface you’re treating.

Force of Attraction

The main word here is latex, so simply put on a pair of gloves made from this material and rub your hands against the surface in need of de-furring. Balloons are another great solution, and they are fun, too. Just rub one on the affected surface and watch hair stick to it. And the good thing is, you can always reuse a balloon for this or other activities. Use a rubber broom for the most stubborn pet hair that just don’t want to go away. Static electricity will make hair jump right out. In addition, a pair of shoes with a rubber sole is also a good tool. Just drag your foot along the carpet or cover and watch all the hair group up! All that is left is to demonstrate to them the way out of your flat.

Curlers and Tape

Wrapping some bundling tape around the hair infested area will provide you with the same amount of pick-up force as some considerably more expensive products. You can rub a hair curler over basically any surface and pet hair will stick to it like glue. Use a long thin curler, the one with the bendable metal wire inside, in order to remove hair from behind furniture, along the baseboards, and between covered steps.

cat on carpet

No More Hair Buildup

In the event that you’ve got a sweet puppy or cat, you should vacuum more often than people who don’t have animal companions. However, vacuum cleaners regularly don’t make sufficient airflow and infiltrating energy to raise pet hair profoundly inserted in your floor covering. This is where steam cleaners come in handy, as a more efficient solution for pet hair removal. That said, you should carefully choose a device you’ll be using. To this end, after some research, I decide to buy a polti steam cleaner and was more than satisfied with its performance.

Eventually, there’s no escaping the fact that most dogs and cats shed profusely throughout the year, but that does not mean that your furniture and clothing have to be constantly covered with their hair. Using these tips and maintaining a regular grooming schedule is what you should do to keep this issue at bay.

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