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Pets are not just animals you adopt in your home. They are considered as family,

Pet Grooming: A Guide to Pet Grooming Tools

With some practice and patience, it will be easy for you to learn to shampoo, trim and cut the hair of your pet in your house. Also, effective pet grooming involves regular brushing. This is good for the health of your pet, boosts your bond and minimizes the housework required for cleaning up shed hair.


Grooming your dog requires basic supplies like clippers, brushes, scissors, nail clippers and bathing products. Also, you have to take into account toothpaste and toothbrushes in order to keep the teeth of your pet healthy and clean. Being able to establish an early grooming routine lets you win the trust of your beloved pet and make the routine a relaxing and fun time for your two. But if you prefer to hire a professional groomer, start checking the Petco Grooming hours now so you can find time for this. Meanwhile, if you choose to groom your pet on your own, be informed about the following kinds of pet grooming tools that you will need.

Scissors and Clippers
Ensure that you have the right selection of scissors and clippers for the particular hair thickness and type of your pet and for the kind of cut you will give. You have the option to purchase these tools individually or get an electric pet clipper set that comes with assortment of guide combs and interchangeable blades. High quality grooming scissors are expected to be always sharp and make you feel confident to trim unruly hair tufts in sensitive areas around toes, paws and hindquarters.

Pet Combs and Brushes
You can use a dog brush for daily grooming of nearly all kinds or lengths of pet hair. Find more widely spaced bristles in case you have a pet with tight bristles or long coat. A slicker brush that has rounded pain is perfect for eliminating loose, dead or matted hair and massaging the skin of your pet lightly.

Pet Grooming Gloves
A grooming glove is a good alternative if the mere sight of your dog scares your dog off. The glove can convince your pet that they are getting a massage while you groom their coats. Rubber nubs on the palms will gently gather excess hair which leaves your pet looking great and feeling happy. Also, the gloves sweep pet hair from bedding and sofas.

Shampoos and Conditioners
Shampoos and conditioners for pets are formulated for cats and dogs and sometimes for particular breeds. Making use of cleansing and conditioning products for humans ill strip away the pet’s natural oils which leave its skin prone to irritation and dryness. Generally, it is important to bath your dog once every 3 months and before heavy grooming.

Baths and Tubs
Having your pet groomed by a professional like Petco Grooming can be inconvenient and expensive although this ensures high quality grooming. Although there is no problem with shampooing your pet in your bathtub, there are some reasons not to do this. Simple clean up problems and fragile bathroom decor are likely to convince you to find a pet-friendly alternative. Bathtubs for pets are made to make the cleaning process simple. A number of bathtubs are made portable and small so you can bring them outside or put them on a table in order to save your back.

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