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Pets are not just animals you adopt in your home. They are considered as family,

Most Common Cat Diseases: Symptoms and Care

We would like to welcome all cat lovers and dedicate this article to those who are emotionally attached to these wonderful creatures. All of us believe that there’s more joy in our lives when they’re around. Domestic cats are one of the most popular pets around the world, and surely one of the oldest.


They’re extremely cute and clever – they can solve cognitive problems faster than dogs. Once you own one, you will not be able to understand how you could ever live without them.

Urinary tract problems

These problems hit your cat’s bladder and the small tube which carries the urine out of the system. If your cat has urinary problems, it might meow in pain and squat awkwardly. Another indicator of urinary tract problems is blood in the urine. It may happen because your cat is dehydrated, has bacterial infection or even cystitis.

Vet will see if the bladder wall is thickened and will prescribe medication combined with slight change in your cat’s diet. If everything goes well, the infection will pass within 10 days.


If your cat is itching, has hair loss and scabs on her skin, it might be that your pet is attacked by fleas. Fleas are external parasites which are feeding with blood of a host by biting. Treat your cat with a flea powder or put a flea collar on its neck.


There are internal parasites, too. If your cat is spending lot of time outside, there is a strong possibility of getting worms. Even indoor cats can get worms by eating infected insects or mice. Treat your cat with Milbemax for cats, a broad spectrum protection against internal parasites. Once you give your pet medicine against worms, try keeping it clean and indoor, as much as possible.

Kidney disease

This is a serious illness where kidneys simply stop functioning properly. That way nothing of the waste gets processed and water and blood levels are not regulated. Chronic renal failure (CRF) occurs slowly and gradually, making it much difficult to notice, even for years. By the time the symptoms show, damage is too great to fix. If cats have CRF, they will be incredibly thirsty and will urinate a lot. They will also lose weight, drool and have a bad breath. This type of kidney disease in incurable, cats can be made comfortable when vet prescribes a diet and when they get special medications combined with IV fluids.

Acute renal failure happens suddenly, usually when a cat accidentally drinks antifreeze, even though it can occur when there are other illnesses which affect the area around kidneys. If the cat refuses to eat, vomits, has bad breath, loses coordination, get it to the vet immediately. Depending on how damaged the kidneys are, full recovery is possible if you react quickly.

For the end, a few interesting facts. Did you know that cats can detect breast cancer in humans? Did you also know that owning a cat can reduce your chances of having a heart attack for 30 percents?

Your cat can really make you healthier, and you could (and should) try returning the favour. Unfortunately, there are many things which can cause your cat to become ill. Get familiar with the most common cat diseases and keep your cat safe from falling ill.


Ariel Bellamy is a proud owner of four lovely animals: a fierce Maltese Pablo that loves to bark his way through life, Alba, who is the most loveable dog in the world, and two of the clumsiest and funniest cats she has ever met: Headson and Spock. Meat with Ariel and her animal kingdom at @BellamyAriel.

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