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Pets are not just animals you adopt in your home. They are considered as family,

Make Your Home Pet Friendly with These Simple Steps

Owning a pet is a wonderful thing to experience in life. Yet, every pet owner has to realize that having a pet isn’t all fun and games. Well, most of it is but then again, there’s the responsibility part you need to take really seriously. This means taking care of your pet’s health, happiness, environment he is surrounded with, etc.

Dog and Cat

Providing a safe place for your pet to live in is crucial. Even though most of us don’t buy, rent or build houses thinking about what it’d be like if at one point we got a pet, that doesn’t mean we can’t re-do the space to make it the best possible place for the pet to enjoy. Also, as a pet owner, I’d imagine you’d want your furniture to stay as preserved as possible, right?

Here are some major tips to consider if you want your pet to stay safe and be happy while preserving your furniture at the same time.

  1. Keep toxic cleaners locked

Most pets, dogs and cats mostly, are incredibly curious! They’ll sniff and lick anything at their reach! This is why you need to keep away anything potentially damaging for your pet’s health. All the toxic cleaners should be moved from the bottom cabinets to top ones or at least locked. You don’t want your furry friend’s health endangered!

  1. Collectables

Collectable items aren’t only valuable in money but in emotional aspect, too! It would be such a bummer to have something you’ve guarded for so long broken! Obviously, a dog or a cat won’t harm your collectables on purpose – they’ll be their playful, cute selves, running around and breaking things. We advise placing all the valuable and breakable items on top shelves, safe cabinets or in a room that’s out of your pet’s reach. Better safe than sorry, right?


  1. Tiny objects

All tiny objects such as pins, needles, buttons, floss, marbles… or anything that can be swallowed or that your pet can cut itself on needs to be put away. Make sure all these objects are stashed in a drawer or a safe cabinet that’s out of your pet’s reach. These can be really dangerous for your furry friend so do your homework and move all the sharp objects someplace safe.

  1. Start with flooring

With the dogs or cats running up and down through the house it’s inevitable for the floors to get damaged. To prevent the damage as much as possible we’d recommend several types of flooring:

a) Tiles – they hold amazingly well and are probably the best solution for households with pets. They are easy to clean; they don’t harbor hair, bacteria and pet smell. Tiles are also great because they are a cool place for your dog to nap on during hot weather. However, the downside to tiles is that they’re not as stylish as wood floors or carpets are. Also, they tend to be a bit slippery, so a pet can hurt himself while running around. And, the most obvious problem is that, unless you are in the middle of your home construction, you can’t really choose the flooring.

b) Hard woods – they are most durable and pretty resistant to pet scratches. Hard woods are mahogany, balsa, oak, maple, cherry, hickory and sycamore. Soft woods such as fir, redwood, cedar, pine, birch and larch dent easily and aren’t recommended for houses with pets.

c) Carpets – Carpets or rugs aren’t often recommended for homes that hold pets. Even though they do bring to the overall look and style of the home they harbor dog and cat hair. If, however, you are firm to keep the rugs then opt for floor rugs and make sure you vacuum thoroughly!

Cat on the floor

NOTE: To keep scratches on the flooring to a minimum, keep your pet’s nails trimmed. Also, if it’s impossible to train the dog not to play much on wood floors, lay down some heavily anchored throw rugs and let your pet play there.

Good hygiene, smart organization of things, being careful and thoughtful about things that can potentially endanger your lovely, furry friend are your way into making your home pet friendly! We hope our advice helped, good luck!

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