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Pets are not just animals you adopt in your home. They are considered as family,

Main Guidelines For Your Cat’s Nutrition

With their cuddly nature, sense for commitment and cheerful behavior, cats are one of the most favorable pets among a plenty of families around the world. Having a cat doesn’t mean just having an adorable animal inside your house or yard, but taking care about its way of living, with a special accent on their feeding habits. High quality level of cat’s nutrition is extremely important for keeping your cat in great condition and with a strong health, while not paying attention to the ingredients included in cat’s menu can be significantly hazardous for its body development or even the length of its life. Following some useful advices for adequate cat’s feeding will help you drive away most of the doubts you have about what’s right or wrong in your favorite pet’s nutrition.

Sleeping cat

Meals schedule, quantity and preparing

Although you may already develop timely correct feeding scheme for your cat, it is necessary to know that the exact number of meals during the day depends on current cat’s needs. This doesn’t require you to keep an eye on the clock to establish meal’s time, but it’s recommended to distribute portions during the whole day, so cat is neither extremely hungry nor overstuffed. Quantity of the food you give to your cat within one meal is related to the actual age of the cat, but the key criteria here is avoiding overfeeding, since that can cause a dozen of health issues, including diabetes or bone diseases. Heat treated food is not something cats can regularly find in the wildness, meaning that you should keep away from feeding your cat with cooked or baked food, especially because thermally processed food lacks of vitamins, proteins and minerals.

Cat eating

Food types and hydrating

Even if you sometimes tried to offer your cat a piece of some vegetable, you can conclude that cats are absolute meat lovers. The same like with human nutrition, cat’s food also needs to abound with diversity, so you can base their meals on poultry, lamb, beef meat or fish. According to cat’s natural habits, fresh raw ingredients must be mandatory in their menu, since it is valuable source of all quality contents that provide high energy level. If you, anyway, sometimes feed your cat with already prepared food you bought in pet’s store, than you should ensure that it contains high level of moisture, because extremely dry food can have dangerous amounts of carbohydrate causing your cat urinary issues or kidney dysfunction. Considering water as the source of life, it is more than clear that it can’t, by any conditions, be excluded from the nutrition of your cat. Despite their weak congenital thirst sensors, cat’s body still requires everyday hydrating, especially when taking in consideration their vivid temperament and the structure of their meals. Cats don’t just have to be provided with bowls of clear water for drinking, but also the meals they have during the day must contain sufficient level of liquid.

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Pick the right ingredients

While some food ingredients are very good for human consummation, and it’s possible your cat will actually eat it, that doesn’t mean that those substances will be good for their health. With the aim to provide the food which is tightly connected to the wide range of meals cats can regularly find in their natural habitat, their every day meals should include meat based portions. Meals should be conceived in that way to provide valuable nutrients from bones, inwards, blood and high quality meat, because those are the main sources of protein and iron which is absolutely necessary for cat’s muscular structure and energy. This essential mixture of contents needs to be included in commercial food packages you regularly purchase in a pet store.

Quality of nutrition is equally important for your pet’s health, like for your own. Poor quality of food, inordinately distributed meals and the lack of liquid can largely influence the overall condition of your cat, turning it into apathetic, lethargic and tired mood. One of the most relevant facts for planning an ideal nutrition combination is relying on natural, instinctive and inborn cat’s food preferences. This way you will improve the way of living of your precious pet, and enable it long and healthy life.

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