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Pets are not just animals you adopt in your home. They are considered as family,

How to Make Your Car Pet-Friendly

Cars are made of numerous potentially dangerous parts for your pets. If you are someone who likes to travel around with your pets, then you should exercise caution since your pets are more sensitive than you are. Here are some tips on how you can ensure your pet’s safety in your vehicle:

Driving Dog

  1. Deal with the fur

There are some car seat materials that resist dog hair better than the others. However, the best way to keep dog hair off your seats is to groom your dog properly. Brush your dog’s coat well before taking her for a ride and double the effort if you are about to go on a lengthy road trip. Use a vacuum or lint roller to remove dog hair that finds its way onto the seats. You may also buy a dog seat cover to help protect your seats.

  1. Potty problems

There is a possibility that your dog will forget his potty training on the open road, especially if he is not used to riding in a car. Dog seat covers can help protect your seats and most of them are washable by machine. Stash some standard cleaning products in your car to clean up the mess if ever your dog does go on the seat. Walk your dog before and during a car trip as a preventative measure.

Dogs in car

  1. Keep your dog calm and safe

Most dogs are calm during car rides but this might not be the case with yours. She may not stop barking, attempt to jump into your lap while you are driving or move wildly around the car interior. Attempt to correct this behavior through conditioning and training. Your goal is stay calm and assertive so your dog will know that the car is a safe place and she can relax in there.

Pet carriers or crates are potentially good ways to drive your dog around. Make sure you buy the correct size. If you buy something too small, your dog will be incredible uncomfortable and will try to squeeze herself inside. If the crate is too big, she can be tossed around and banged against the sides of the carrier, which is not too pleasant either. Additionally, it is wise to strap carriers down so they don’t go flying whenever you suddenly hit the brake or accelerator.

Dog in car

  1. Car size matters

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and so do vehicles. Make sure that your chosen car is large enough to comfortably accommodate you, your dog, and the carrier. Remember that there times you can manipulate the seats in your car to create extra space for your dog.

There are cars designed to be dog-friendly and they are excellent conveniences for dog lovers. All models have parts that are made of glass, and steel like steel tubes. Philippine made cars are no exception. However, they are not the only path to a satisfying driving experience with your pooch. Don’t be afraid to take steps within your budget to get a vehicle that suits your dog or to modify a car that you already own.


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Clark Pacis is a traveller, writer and blogger. He is not sharing just his trips locally and abroad, but now he is writing anything under the heat of the sun in any walks of my life.


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