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Pets are not just animals you adopt in your home. They are considered as family,

How to Care for Your Horse

If you have a horse, you’ll want to learn how to care for you equine companion to the best standard. Here are the basic horse care rules that you need to live by!

Horses - How to Care for Your Horse

First of all the things your horse most definitely need include; shelter, daily monitoring, clean area ad an unlimited supply of fresh water. But most of all it is essential that your horse is fed. Grass is a horses natural food but isn’t always accessible for your horse and hay is your alternative option. Theres bad hay and theres good hay, some hay can damage lungs and cause your horse to ave health problems. But most definitely do not feed your horse plant as it is toxic to horses.

The health essentials that your horse needs are key to being able to identify health problems quickly and efficiently, therefore you are able to treat them directly. It is important to learn how to take your horses vital signs and to be able to deal with colic if you are to encounter it. And of course it is a requirement to know your horse and be able to recognise when it isn’t its normal self as this is the first way of identifying if your horse is suffering from any health issues.

Making sure the horses’ environment is adapted to its every need is also a necessity, making sure it is as safe and as natural as possible for your horse. Maintaining their surroundings clean and being able to understand the needs of older horses is the first step to providing the perfect environment for your horse! Horses need plenty of exercise and a suitable place and ground to do this on. Using an arena with equestrian rubber chippings makes a safe ground for your horse to exercise and stay healthy on.

Horse Running - How to Care for Your Horse

Grooming your equine companion is an important part of taking care of a horse. Before driving or riding your horse should be groomed, not only to keep up appearances but to also keep your horse healthy as it is a good ay of checking up on your horses skin and hooves. It can also be considered as enjoyable as it allows you to have some one on one time with your horse. Try your best to fit grooming into your horses daily routine as such things as grit beneath the saddle can be uncomfortable for your horse and could make putting a saddle on your horse a nightmare for you and it.

Lastly it is a must that your horse has access to shelter. Properly designed barns, sheds and stalls contribute to your horses overall safety. If you do not have funds for a barn etc, then designing a run in shelter will still be good enough, as long as your horse has shelter from weather conditions, of course if the decide to which could be a drawback, so splashing the cash may be the ideal scenario, but run in sheds can be built inexpensively and are at less risk from fires. They also provide better ventilation to keep your horses’ lungs safe from any kind of harmful chemicals. However these shelters are not as convenient for grooming your horse.

There are the basics to caring for your horse efficiently and to the best standard! Did this help?

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