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Pets are not just animals you adopt in your home. They are considered as family,

Handling Carpet Stains Made By Dogs

Dog is man’s best friend. That overused saying is definitely true, for these furry critters have been our companions for thousands of years and counting. In fact, we love them so much that we share the same living space with them.

Dog on carpet

Unfortunately, not all of our canine buddies are toilet-trained, so some of them soil the carpet. If that happens to be your problem, then don’t hesitate to call carpet cleaning in Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia. But before they arrive, you can do a few remedies of your own for dog stains from your dog. Here’s how.

For Fresh Stains

Soak It Up

When people find a particular spillage of liquid on the floor, the usual first course of action would be to wipe it with a rag or a mop. It works on tiled or bare floors, but not on carpets, as they would stick and spread. Now imagine dog piss sticking and spreading on your carpet; it’s going to make things a whole lot worse.

Instead of wiping it, get old newspapers or rags, and put them over the spot where your dog pissed. Let it stay there until the piss has been absorbed, and then throw them out.

Rinse When Done

Once the piss of your beloved pooch has been absorbed, it’s time for you to clean the affected area using clean water. After rinsing, dry the area by either having a rag absorb it or having it blow-dried by a vacuum cleaner.

For Old Stains

Those messy, gross-looking stains on your carpet have been there for quite some time now. How could this happen, you ask? Well, you don’t exactly have your dog under constant watch. You leave the home for work, you sleep – these activities leave a window of opportunity that is long enough for your canine buddy to leave secretions on your carpet and dry without your knowledge. Or maybe your carpet is secondhand and its previous also has a dog that he or she leaves unattended for many hours.

However, it shouldn’t matter whose dog left a mark or two on your carpet; the important thing is that it can still be removed. Here’s how:

Use an Extractor or a Wet Vacuum

If a stain is a few days, weeks, or even months old, it’s obviously a little bit too late to blow-dry it out using a regular vacuum; it’s time to go for an extractor or a wet vacuum. By principle, they work like vacuum cleaners. Extractors and/or wet vacuum forces clean water into your carpet and then forces it out, cleaning the stain in the process. These machines are simple to use, just be sure to adhere to the instructions that come with it. And don’t add any chemicals, as these machines work better with regular water.

Use A Carpet Cleaner If…

If there are traces of stain that remain after using a wet or an extractor, use a carpet cleaner. That should be more than enough to do the trick.

But why not use a carpet cleaner right away instead of relying on machinery that requires a lot of effort? That’s because the presence of any non-protein-based substance on the stain will weaken the cleaner, so using it right away would be a total waste.

Get Rid of the Smell

Even if you manage to remove the stain, the odor sometimes lingers. For that, use a pet odor neutralizer. Now your carpet smells good as new – or at least without the stench it had before.

Don’t Use The Following

There are a lot of effective chemical cleaners for your carpet, but you shouldn’t rely on those that have strong odors, as it will encourage your dog to leave excrements on your carpet even more.

Good examples of these include vinegar and ammonia.

You can have your dog stay in the doghouse for staining your carpet, but the poor fellow would probably be sad. Thankfully, with these tips, and some toilet training, he or she can always stay warm and cozy in the comfort of your carpeted floor.


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James is a Designer, part-time blogger and a Marketing guy of a Carpet Cleaning Business in Melbourne, His research mostly consists of Home Decoration and Improvement, when he’s not busy sharing his insights in design, he usually spends his time with his family and friends.

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