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Pets are not just animals you adopt in your home. They are considered as family,

Decoding a Cat by Their Body Language: 5 Cat Moves

Believe it or not cats (like us humans) have their own language and a lot of us have no idea what they’re talking about. In this article we will finally decode the riddle of the kitty code.

Colossus Cat

When someone mentions body language we naturally think of humans and their wiley ways. We regularly see on TV nowadays psychology-loose shows about body language and what it communicates to the outside world. From a purely human perspective, we now know a great deal about one another on much more of a subconscious level, much more than ever before! This relatively new body breakthrough is now regularly used to inform and better understand our animal brethren – relating to their behaviour, emotions and thought patterns. We have learnt so much in recent years about animals from the way their body language talks to us this has meant we are have adopted better pet accessories and practices designed to better look after them.

Unsurprisingly enough when we are confronted by our pets (who for some reason unbeknownst to us) attack or act in a fashion we deem to be uncharacteristic we are left feeling perplexed or in some cases fearful. This behaviour, (in actual fact) can be regularly attributed to unread signs, signs given off by their body language telling us of their displeasure or angst. These signs cover a wide spectrum of emotions ranging from elation to anger, boredom to stress and joy to despair – once you’re in the know your relationship with your pet will never be the same again.

Now with this in mind, we can now move onto understanding the 5 cat moves.

5- The Belly and the Back

When cat owners see their cat lying on their back, they naturally assume that want their belly rubbed. This is in fact completely wrong; when cat’s behaviour in this manner it actually means that they are relaxed and trust you. This also suggests that they wouldn’t mind a brief head rub too. By going to rub their exposed belly you are in fact betraying that trust – one can expect a nasty scratch or sign of aggression as your reward.

4- Tail-Tell Signs

When a cat approaches you with its tail up, nope it’s not after a tail fight but in actual fact saying hello. You can say hi back by stroking their head and back.

3- Rub & Grind

When your cat rubs against you, it’s (sadly) not a sign of affection but that of ownership….that’s right ownership! Your cat is spreading its scent (think dog and a lamp post but without the urine thankfully). So regardless of whether you’ve been out all day or it’s the first time you’re meeting the cat it’s doing it so you’ll smell like them.

2- Putting the Blinkers On

If your cat exhibits slow and unlaboured blinks then (no their not having a stroke) but they are indeed calm and relaxed. Your cat is in its happy place, it feels safe and secure.

1- Purrrrfection!

Quite possibly the most mis-read sign of all is a cat’s purr. Naturally when we hear purring we jump to the conclusion of cat contentment but this is not always the case, on occasion it can be a response to stress. With this in mind, it’s worth looking out for others signs of discomfort or distress – withdrawnness, personality changes and irritableness are just a hand of the signs.

And with that we come to the end of our article on “decoding a cat by their body language: in 5 cat moves.” Armed now with this new language you’ll be something of a cat expert – think horse whisperer without the horse and the whispering and you’re pretty much there.


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