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Pets are not just animals you adopt in your home. They are considered as family,

Canine Artificial Insemination for Dogs

Are you a dog owner that has been considering Artificial Insemination but are turned off by high price or the uncertainty of the process? Artificial Insemination is cheap, and oh so much easier that you could have expected.

French Bulldog

Right out of the gate, the Artificial Insemination kit can be found at your local pet store or even ordered through the convenience of on-line shopping. These kits come with everything needed for the process, including easy-to-understand instructions and tips on what to do if you’re having trouble.

Keep in mind that the first time you attempt this procedure will be the hardest. Once you and your pet get the hang of it, the process of collecting semen and even inseminating the bitch will become much easier.

How to use the Artificial Insemination kit:

Collecting the semen from the male dog is best achieved through massage and pressure. The semen is collected in a collection cone that is made of latex. Some people have found that using a disposable baby bottle liner can also work just as effectively.

Just a note for first-timers, if you’re male dog is shy or is easily intimidated, it might help to try to collect the semen on a non-slip surface such as a carpet. If you’re attempting Artificial Insemination with a male dog for the first time, or your dog appears nervous as you make the attempt, a teaser bitch might help the process immediately.

If a teaser bitch is not available, that’s still not a problem as it is fairly common to present the male with a vaginal swab from a female dog that is in estrous. If you’re serious about doing this then think long term with the collection of multiple swabs from the estrous bitch and simply store them in a freezer until they are needed again.

As mentioned earlier, the collection of the semen the first time, will likely be the hardest. Once the dog, and perhaps you, are used to the process, the collection attempts become increasingly easier and less time consuming.

The collection of semen from the dog: Most of the best quality artificial insemination kits for Dogs come with great directions and if you’re having any kind of trouble with the physical descriptions given below, easy-to-understand photo diagrams are available on-line.

A step by step, look at how to collect semen from a male dog.

* Gently grab the prepuce (skin surrounding and protecting the head of the penis) and push/pull it back, thus exposing the tip of the penis.

* Making sure you have the collection cone close, slide that cone over the tip of the protruding penis. You’ll want to continue pushing the prepuce back over the bulbisglandis (The bulbusglandis (also called a knot) is an erectile tissue structure on the penis of canid mammals)

* Essentially, you’re going to want to lock your fingers in a ring around the penis of your dog. You hold the bulbisglandis inside your fist.

* You then apply pressure via a forward and backward movement. Generally, the male dog will begin to thrust back and forth to meet the pressure of your hand.

* This process should not take more than 30 seconds and you’ll want to make sure you watch for the semen to start flowing in the collection tube. A clear sign the dog has begun to ejaculate is that they will stop thrusting.

* As you continue to apply pressure, you’ll want to be looking for a crystal clear prostatic fluid that should begin flowing into the collection tube. When you see the prostatic fluid, you can begin gently removing the collection cone from the tip of the male dog’s penis.

Once your dog, and even you as the collector, becomes familiar with the process, the time spent on Artificial Insemination will significantly reduce.

Artificial Insemination is cheap, easy, and something you can do in the comfort of your own home.

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