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Best Tips for Travelling with Your Dog

Travelling without your best friend is just not fun. Also, you may not like leaving your dog with a sitter or home alone. That’s why you can take it along on your holiday. However, since travelling is pretty stressful for both of you, you will need to know some tricks that can get you safely to your destination. Another important remark is to have your dog microchipped and that it has a collar and a tag with its name and your phone number, address and other important info.

Travelling Dog

Travelling by plane

Travelling by plane with your dog is a good idea only if your dog is small enough to fit into a crate. Prior to booking a flight, you should check with the airline for their rules on travelling with pets. Many of the companies require a health certificate and they may include some other requirements, so make sure to research everything.

When that’s been taken care of, you should book a direct flight if possible because that will reduce plenty of stress for both of you. Before going to the airport, it is a good idea to visit the vet and make sure the vaccinations are up-to-date and to get your dog’s health certificate for the flight. Also, they will advise you whether you should tranquilize your pet or not, but that method is generally frowned upon.

After all the medical checkups have been done, you should purchase a proper crate for your dog and make sure it is properly labeled. You can check in your dog as a carry-on and place it by your side, but if that’s not possible, don’t have a big goodbye scene because that will only upset your dog. Stay calm and it will stay calm as well.

Dog Ready to Travel - Best Tips for Travelling with Your Dog

Lastly, it is important for your dog to travel on an empty stomach. Your dog should fast before the trip for at least 6 hours and make. Additionally, make sure your dog has enough water to stay hydrated.

Car road trips

If your destination is not that far, it is a good idea to go on a road trip with your dog. However, there are some precautions to be made. For starters, make sure you have a short trial trip to see how your dog behaves in a car and which items you will need to bring. This will give you a further insight whether you should place it in a crate or not. However, keep in mind that it is much safer for both of you if your dog travels in a crate since there are no distractions.

As far as feeding is concerned, it is important for your dog not to travel on a full stomach. As well as humans, dogs are prone to motion sickness, so don’t feed it while travelling either. Feed it for the first time no sooner than four hours after the ride and make sure its first meal is light. If it’s a longer drive, wait until you take a break and then you can treat your dog. Also, make sure to keep your dog hydrated but not full, and use the stops to let your dog blow off some steam before you continue driving.

Dog alone in a car - Best Tips for Travelling with Your Dog

Additionally, never leave your dog alone in a car, especially if it’s hot outside. The rule of cracking the window open never works since a car under the sun can quickly turn into an oven and your dog will be dehydrated.

Travelling with pets can be stressful. However, that’s why there are some tips and tricks that can make this ride more enjoyable like treating your furry friend with small high-protein Net to Pet snack or some other brand it likes. Take care of your pupper and never leave it alone. This way, both of you will be happy and ready for the vacation.

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