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Best Essential Nutrients for Your Dog

The fact is that no foods can give all of the dog nutrition to a pup. It’s important to provide puppies with the right nutrients so that they can live a healthy life. There is a wide range of nutrients your puppy needs. Six main of them include protein, water, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, and minerals. Now, let’s take a closer look at them in the following parts.

Chihuahua Drinking - Best Essential Nutrients for Your Dog

1. Water
This factor is a tasteless, odorless, and colorless chemical. It’s a combination of one oxygen molecule and two hydrogen molecules. The fact is that your dog won’t be able to exist if he doesn’t drink water. In fact, water makes up 70% of his lean body mass. There are many different benefits of water such as transporting nutrients to the cells, hydrolyzing protein, regulating body temperature, flushing waste from the body, and cushioning the organs.

Depending on your dog’s health, environmental temperature, and activity level, you can determine his water requirements. If you feed your dog high-moisture foods, he will drink less water compared to dogs fed with kibble. It’s important to give your dog clean and fresh water.

2. Protein
This nutrient is a macronutrient. So, it helps to supply energy to your dog. It’s made up of amino acids. This plays an important role in building blocks of life.

This factor provides your pet with essential as well as non-essential amino acids to his life. Proteins help to make strong hair, nails, skin, bones, and muscles.

You know, your dog’s body can’t store proteins. Therefore, it’s essential to supply him protein constantly.

You can get proteins from animal sources like fish, lean-muscle meats, and eggs. In addition, it’s easy to get it from plant-based sources as lentils and beans.

3. Fat
This factor is made up of fatty acids. It helps to supply the most important source of energy. It offers more than twice as many protein, carbohydrates, and energy. Also, it can give your dog essential omega-3 & 6. They help to regulate your dog’s body temperature, promote a healthy nervous system, and protect the internal organs. However, don’t provide your dog too much fat. It can trigger gastrointestinal issues. Keep in mind that your dog can’t get essential fatty acids from coconut oil. You can get fat from plant-based oils, fish oil such as hemp seed and flaxseed.

English Cocker Spaniel - Best Essential Nutrients for Your Dog

4. Vitamins
These organic compounds contain carbon. They are essential for the right metabolic function. You can soluble vitamins in fat or in water. The fact is that vitamins play many important roles. They can regulate phosphorus and calcium. Moreover, they can boost your dog’s immune system. In addition, they can help to maintain nervous system function, enable the blood to clot, and serve as antioxidants.

If you want to provide your dog with commercial foods, avoid adding more fat-soluble vitamin. Otherwise, it can lead to toxicity.

It’s easy to get vitamins from a variety of diets that made with muscle meats and organ.

5. Minerals
Not like vitamins, they are inorganic compounds. They play an important role in your dog in maintaining the right metabolic function. The fact is that your dog’s body can’t be able to manufacture minerals. He needs to get minerals from foods. Minerals come in two classes, including macrominerals and microminerals. Both of them have the same importance.

Just like vitamins, minerals offer a lot of functions. They are great in supporting your dog’s life. In fact, they help to constitute main parts of bones, provide antioxidant support, regulate fluid balance, and more.

If you want your puppy to grow, it’s important to give him more than double the calcium compared to an adult dog. Also, it’s important to monitor your puppy’s calcium as well as phosphorus levels and ratios. This purposes to prevent your dog from getting the orthopaedic disease.

Minerals may be found in many different foods. These foods offer different minerals. You can get a high amount of phosphorus in meat. If you want to get high calcium, consider bone. If you want to give him copper and iron, provide him with organ meats. For dogs that need zinc, feed your dog shellfish.

6. Carbohydrates
Carbohydrates are made up of sugars, indigestible fiber, and starches. In fact, carbohydrates are not essential for dogs because he can get glucose from protein and fat in his sufficient dietary. However, from carbohydrates, your pet can get important minerals, proteins, vitamins, plant-based nutrients, and antioxidants. They play an important role in promoting optimum health.

Avoid choosing high-glycemic carbohydrates because they can raise blood sugar levels quickly.

Carbohydrates are available in dog-friendly vegetables, legumes, fruits, as well as gluten-free grains. All dogs need enough nutrients for their survive and thrive.

Dog Eat - Best Essential Nutrients for Your Dog

Power Sources for Dog Nutrition
If you are in difficulty when determining the most nutrient for your puppy, let’s check out our list below to get started:

Protein: you should choose whole eggs. Your dog can get about 6 grams of protein from a large egg. Also, this is the most bioavailable source.

Fat: We advise you to choose sardines for fat. They are rich in nutrients. They can offer your furry friend the essential omega-3 acids.

Carbohydrates: If you want to give your pet vitamins A and C, provide him with butternut squash. This is a great source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins E and B6, manganese, magnesium, and potassium.

Vitamins: the dark leafy greens are highly recommended for vitamins. This is a great source of vitamins A, C, E, K as well as folate. In addition, they can offer many minerals that help to protect your dog from cancer.

Minerals: when it comes to providing your pet with minerals. It’s best to look for oysters. This is a good source of magnesium, copper, iron, selenium, manganese, zinc, and phosphorus. In addition, your dog can also get vitamin D as well as omega-3 fatty acids from oysters.

Dog Food - Best Essential Nutrients for Your Dog

For all homemade diets, it’s important to make the best dog foods for puppies with vitamin supplements. We’ve already given you the six main important nutrients any dog needs. Hopefully, they are useful for you. Keep in mind these nutrients to make sure that you provide your furry friend with energy to survive.

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