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Pets are not just animals you adopt in your home. They are considered as family,

An Introduction to Equestrian Equipment for Beginners

Owning a horse as a pet is a wonderful thing. They are beautiful, intelligent creatures that can be trained to have the most amazing skill set. Riding your horse is one of the of the best ways you can bond with it and the closeness you will feel with your horse is a feeling like no other.

Horse Riding Beginner - An Introduction to Equestrian Equipment for Beginners

There is a wealth of information on horse riding gear; this list will ensure that you have the necessary facts without being overwhelming.

Horse riding equipment is known as ‘tack’. This is, essentially, all the equipment that is necessary for horse riding. The storage space that the tack is kept in is, is called a ‘tack room.’ Do remember, as horses are obviously large creatures, the equipment that you buy for them will be large too, so please ensure that you have the necessary storage arrangements for your tack.


This is, of course, your ‘seat’ for your horses back. Ensure that it fits both you and your steed correctly, so that you are both comfortable. The horses comfort is as important as yours. Saddles come in various styles, with some stunning leather saddles available on the market. Your saddle can be an extension of your own personal style, but as aforementioned, please do ensure that your style does not compromise the comfort of your horse. The horses back should never be pinched by an ill fitting saddle.


Stirrups are the frame in which your feet are placed when riding your horse. This is attached to the saddle via a strap. These are predominantly used for mounting the horse aiding your ability in maintaining control of your horse. These are of course best used with riding boots to achieve maximum security for both you and your horse.

Riding boots


These form part of the headgear of your horse’s new riding attire. The bridles usually have reins attached to them and are predominantly used for steering and guiding your horse. In effect, this is the ‘steering wheel’ of your horse, which will allow you to ‘drive’ your horse when you are riding. The bridle is a leather strap that goes around the horse’s face. These, too, come in a variety of styles and leathers, some may have adornments and other features but it must be stressed, whatever the style of bridle you choose, please ensure that your horses comfort is not compromised.


A rein is a leather strap that allows you to steer your horse, as aforementioned. Whilst bearing in mind that this is your horses ‘steering wheel’, it is also your way of conversing with your horse when the ride is in full swing.


The bit goes into the horses mouth, when the bridle has been placed. The bit should rest on the horses gums, and not on its teeth. In the wrong hands, a bit can severely hurt your horse, so please ensure that you are not ‘heavy handed’ when using a bit and ensure that the horse is comfortable. All bits should be soft and comfortable for your horse and again, should be properly fitted to ensure that the health of your animal remains intact. Perhaps it would be wise to try several different kinds of bit to make certain that your horse is comfortable.

Horses make excellent pets and while the prospect of riding them is an exciting one, please do remember that while your comfort is important when purchasing tack, the comfort and needs of your horse are paramount too. Happy riding!

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