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Pets are not just animals you adopt in your home. They are considered as family,

A dog can your real companion be

Humans have domesticated animals as pets ever since we can recall and there are some of the extraordinary facts about our admiration and love for all kinds of creatures – furry, fishy, feline, equine and canine in all societies and all through history. Having a pet at home is not everyone would love but scientifically speaking pets help to improve our heart beat by lowering blood pressure during stressful conditions. Dog is a man’s best friend and Dog is a faithful animal, is what we have learnt in our childhood at school. In fact not only Dog but any pet we share our lives with, have a good effect on all of us.

With Dog - A dog can your real companion be

A true friend:
A pet can be your best companion when going on a ride. These creatures cannot speak the language we humans use but their expression says it all. Thus the adage, ‘actions speak louder than words’ fits well in this case. In their silence, they are all the more faithful, loyal and lovable to their masters. At times when we are low and shattered, a mere look and hug by these beautiful creatures give a new meaning to life. They give us a meaning to life which no other person can give. They have the innocence of the babies and have a sense of responsibility towards their master in safeguarding from external forces.

It is also proven that dogs have strong smelling power and can forewarn their master about an upcoming earthquake. Dogs are extremely thoughtful and have a mysterious ability to foresee actions of their owners, whether getting the dog a meal or preparing to go on a walk. Dogs are also accustomed to the emotional state of their masters and express sorrow when the owner is disappointed.

Of all the animals, Cats and dogs are the most preferred choice of pets. It is high time people should do away with the thought that Cats are not friendly animal when compared to Dogs. In fact Cats are equally loyal and lovable. Apart from the all famous cat-dog pair, there are also other less known pets such as rabbit, parrot, pigeon etc. with certain unique advantages which appeal to certain people and make them better pets and adorable too. Such small animals are reasonably easier to sustain for people who find it difficult otherwise.

Dog Companionship - A dog can your real companion be

To have an animal accomplice around the house is also beneficial for little children in the house. Children and sweet little animals can gel with each other very well, and in this way, the child also learn to value the little things at a very early age in life. Man can find the connection with the animal in a amazing way. The loving pet will comfort you and stand besides you in thick and thin and in return expects a little love and your company. With proper care and love, they have the control to make the journey of your life simpler and sweeter.

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