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6 Steps to a Simple Doghouse

People often say that dogs are a man’s best friend. And yet, how many dogs are currently out there, wandering the backyards and looking for a shelter? That’s no way to treat a friend, let alone the best one. If you’re guilty of this sin, here’s a simple way you can make amends – build your dog a nice, safe, and warm place to serve as a protection from the elements. The best thing – you don’t even need to work too hard. Just follow these few simple steps. 

Simple Doghouse - 6 Steps to a Simple Doghouse

Step 1 – Draw the plan

To do this, you will only need a simple A4 paper sheet that will play the role of the future wood panel. While drawing the plan you need to keep in mind two principles:

  • You should try to make the most out of one panel.
  • Bigger is not always better. Smaller houses make dogs feel safer and help them retain the body temperature more efficiently.

Step 2 – Get the necessary materials

Because wood serves as a great insulator that can keep the doghouse warm in the winter and cold during the summer, we recommend cutting these pieces out of 2 cm thick exterior grade plywood. The amount you’ll eventually use largely depends on the size of your dog. A regular house for a medium-sized, 25 kg dog would require:

  • Two pieces 52 x 65 cm (Bottom)
  • Two pieces 55 x 80 cm (Roof)
  • Two pieces 40 x 65 cm (Sides)
  • Two pieces of 55 x 40 (lowest point) – 68 cm (highest point) (Front and back panels)

As for the legs that will raise the doghouse above the ground and keep it dry during rain, you will need four pieces of 15 cm long 5×10 cm wood. These “legs” will later be surrounded with two 15×55 cm and 15×65 cm strips of plywood. The 5×10 cm wood will also be used for the internal frame.

Step 3 – Lay out the pieces and cut them out

Or in other words, translate the dimensions from your plan diagram to the plywood panel. This job will be much easier if you own a framing square or straightedge. Once you’re done, you’ll need to find a sharp table saw and cut out the pieces. Make sure that the cuts are clean and smooth – you don’t want your dog to be injured by a splinter or a chip.

Step 4 – Build the platform

First, you’ll need to round up the 15 cm legs and nail them against the plywood edges. Next, align one of the bottom panels with the frame. Although they should match the size of the platform, there is a chance you’ll notice some slight overlapping. If that’s the case, trim the edges and nail the whole thing together (the wood panel at the top).

Step 5 – Assemble the house

Now, you’ll need to build a frame. You will do that by nailing the frame elements onto the corners of the other bottom panel. When you are done, you should nail the two bottom panels together. Unlike the frame construction that should have a lot of structural integrity, it is in your best interest to make the outer panels removable.

Step 6 – Put on the roof

The roof can be easily assembled simply by screwing the roof panels onto the interior frame elements. Now, some people like to add one more step and nail the shingles on the roof panels. However, some dogs like to spend time on the roof of their houses (remember Snoopy?) and shingles tend to get really hot during the summer months, so it’s best to skip this step altogether. Assemble it with the screws that can later be removed with a screw jack or a reliable allen key. You will make the later repairs that much easier. And here you go – a beautiful and functional dog house in six very simple steps. So, what are you waiting for – those DIY muscles of yours are in desperate need of some workout.

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